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Apple Vinegar

Product Code: # 30-001
Προσωρινά μη διαθέσιμο
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EOF Code: 15746/06/03/07
Product Description

The researchers discovered a ferment, the Bromeline, which burns 900 (nine hundred times) its weight in grease.

This ferment that is contained in certain exotic fruits, in particular in the pineapple, was isolated and it was assembled with a method of distillation. It was combined with miloxido (a mix of apple and wine) and  created the revolutionary formula of Bio Naturel, the new treatment with which our organism will be forced to burn really, all his reserves of grease. Thus you will lose obligatorily the unnecessary weight, even if you continue eat  as usually.

The result?

One constant  fast decreases weight from 8 until 20 kilos. The last researches proved that, for better results, bromelini  should be combined with proteins.

Strengthen therefore your diet with foods riches in proteins (meat, chicken, eggs, legumes), combine them with Bio Naturel enjoy splendid flavours without compunctions.
On the contrary, seeing the difference in….your scale .

Results of Clinical Studies

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